Monday, November 17, 2008

Call Blogging Services...

...this baby is suffering from neglect!

Blogging most certainly has not been on my mind over the past month. Between late nights watching the Phillies win the World Series (from cursed to first!) to following the Presidential Election to simply working as many hours as possible to finance a plane ticket, my time devoted to recounting my planning efforts has been minimal to say the least.

Thankfully for my actual travel plans, progress has not been so stangnant. Tuesday (my next day off) I will finally put in my application for my visa! I have been putting it off to make sure that I could realistically afford the move, but I am finally feeling financially stable enough to make it happen. The current exchange rate between the Aussie dollar and the US dollar isn't hurting my cause, either. As of today, $1 US is equal to about $1.55 Australian. Every cent counts!

This afternoon I spent a few hours researching and reaching out to some talent placement agencies around Australia that my friend Tricia recommended. Tricia (who I met during my travels in Europe) spent a year in Australia on a work and holiday visa from Canada, so she has been helping me with some pre-travel logistics. Now that I have gotten initial e-mails out, I'm feeling better about actually, finally, truly moving forward with things.

The one thing that I really need to set aside time for is figuring out the benefits of purchasing a round the world ticket. I have to find some time to speak directly with a travel agent because for once I can't find all the information I need online. What a shock!

I'll try and be more consistent in my updates as developments should be popping up in a more rapid fashion. Stay tuned!

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