Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"I mean, it's a recession..."

One of my girlfriends at work just gave her notice. She's leaving to go work for another restaurant in the area that will undoubtedly increase her bi-weekly paycheck. Her explanation for skipping out on short notice? "Lindsay, let's be real. It's a recession. Gotta go where the money is." Truer words were never spoken! Usually I spend my evenings inside the coat room whispering to patrons as they walk by: "Tip your hostesses, it's a recession and I have a plane ticket to buy!"

Among the many factors that influenced me to apply for my visa were having no apartment lease, not being involved in a serious relationship, and having no monetary binds linking me to Philly. Additionally, the current state of the economy and the current job market for recent grads significantly helped me make the final decision to move abroad.

This morning I was browsing the Sydney Morning Herald and learned that Australia is predicted to miss out on the worst of any recession woes. Admittedly, I have been a bit concered with the economic crisis and the potential impact on my ability to get work abroad, but this made me feel a little more confident.

Although in a recent posting from PRowl Public Relations it's recognized that the PR job market is one of the few that isn't suffering to the extreme, the fact remains that I'm not the only recent graduate with five internships on her resume. I think that right now, during a time where there is no such thing as job security, it's the perfect time to not start my career and to get some life perspective instead. I am hoping that some experience abroad will help to set me apart in the future, recession or not.

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