Tuesday, March 31, 2009

98 to go!

A few months ago, I announced that I would be participating in the 101 in 1001 project and posted my own 101 list. I know that I haven't updated much about my progress, so here's a little glimpse into what I've been up to:

Completed tasks

35. Before I left for Australia, I saw a movie in a movie theater: Slumdog Millionaire. I love movies, but never seem to get out to see them, so this was an accomplishment for me.

47. Even though I'm missing out on the enthusiasm at home surrounding March Madness, I did make a bracket for the NCAA tournament. Sure, it was trashed after the first day of play, but the goal wasn't to win - just participate! Thank you CBS Sportsline for streaming the games online so that I was able to watch them in Oz. No thanks to Melbourne for seriously lacking in the American Sports Bar department!

58. The AFL season started last Thursday night, so I figured it was time to learn about footy. I solicited help from friends to understand the rules (really, the lack of rules) in Aussie Rules football. No high contact, no throwing (you have to handball - think of a serve in volleyball), and after you run for a bit with the ball, you have to bounce it. Otherwise, just keep running. I went to my first footy game on Sunday and was surprised how into it I got - I definitely understood the basic flow of the game.

I have a few goals in progress, including

17. Keep an accurate log of food and exercise for one month

32. Keep a journal while living in Australia

55. Read 100 books

80. Reunite with ten people I met in Europe (I'm up to seven!)

84. Make an excel sheet of addresses, phone numbers, and passwords

99. Blog about each completed task

I'll be posting more regular updates on my progress now that I have time to focus on getting some of these tasks accomplished. No excuses!

Remember, if you decide to create your own 101 list, let me know so that I can follow your journey!


nicoleantoinette said...

Sometimes I think the best thing about having a blog is being able to keep tabs on your progress with certain goals. You're AWESOME, great job on the list so far!!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog and really admire what you're doing with your life! Australia must be wonderful. I was there a few years ago on a SCUBA diving trip in the Great Barrier Reef and fell in love. We didn't have much time to spend in the cities, but I loved what I saw.

Lindsay McHugh said...

@Miss Musing - Thanks for the kind words! I cannot wait to SCUBA dive the GBR - I'm going in July when my mom comes to visit. It's basically what I've been dreaming of for ten years!

Caz said...

ahh the footy. It's hilarious isn't it? I love going to games live, we took my parents when they came to visit and it was hilarious trying to explain it to my mom who is pretty much the least sport-oriented person ever.

Ryan Stephens said...

You definitely have some very ambitious goals. I think that's awesome and cool that you're holding yourself accountable for achieving them via the list. Thanks for the re-tweetage the last two nights. All the best!


Lindsay McHugh said...

@Ryan The only way I'm going to keep up with my goals is to hold myself accountable - what better way than on a public platform!