Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Note on Fashion

Last month there were tons of activities and festivals going on around Melbourne: The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, The Grand Prix, and Melbourne Fashion Week.

The fashion in Melbourne is something that stood out to me immediately upon arrival. I think that the trends and attitude toward fashion is what I expected while I was overseas in Europe this past summer. What I mean by that is there are no rules. Anything goes. You can walk outside wearing something that you think is just totally ridiculous, only to pass about 20 people walking down Elisabeth St. wearing outfits that are ten times more outrageous.

Note: It has been pointed out to me that something I think is completely normal and tame may be off the wall for someone else. I get that, but I hope you also get my point.

In Europe, I expected people to take more risks with their attire. I expected people to be really put together. They weren't for the most part. I remember being pretty shocked with the sloppiness that I observed. I was also prepared to see more diversity in style. I do acknowledge that the areas that I visited were primarily tourist hubs, but still. I definitely thought that all the hype about Europeans being chic and Americans lagging behind was a crock. (Just to clarify, this is in regard to normal people, not designers).

It's kind of nice being able to experiment with different styles and atypical trends that I would never be comfortable enough to try at home due to scrutiny (real or imagined - I am quite paranoid). I'm still pretty J. Crew at heart, but there's a flair waiting to come out. So I say, take out those liquid leggings, layer twenty mis-matched items, wear those ripped tights, button up that cardi, and bring back the catholic-school-girl-gone-punk thing and the 80's. Melbourne is ready for it.


nicoleantoinette said...

Note to self: if I ever visit you, I'll stop by American Apparel first.

Palko said...

Hi..I like your article and I exactly know what are you talking about. I live in Athens, Greece right now / I moved here / and first time when I was walking down the street and saw so many crazy outfits..there are no rules..yes..anything goes..
I'm also working on blog with my friends and funny thing is that it is fashion blog..My very first article was about shaving and can find it on

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Your JCrew-ness would definitely stand out in Sydney! I wore UGGs for the first few months until it slowly dawned on me that I was the only one wearing them. Australians apparently consider them basically slippers.

Lindsay McHugh said...

@Florida Girl - I've noticed the UGG thing, too. I am currently on a hunt for shoes to wear in the winter since at home I vacilate between UGGs and flips haha.