Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Art of Picking a Footy Team (or Why I go for Carlton)

I am a loyal sports fan and I believe whole-heartedly in home team pride. That's why I am a huge Philadelphia sports supporter (and I accept all of the good, bad, and ugly associations with that statement). When I got to Melbourne, I was excited to cheer for my new home team.

In footy, there are 16 teams (soon enough to be 17). The thing is, 10 (I think?) are from Melbourne. That made me wonder: how do people choose the teams that they go for? It's not as simple as being a Phillies fan (2008 World Series Champs!) or an Eagles fan because there are so many teams in one area.

After asking around, I found out that many people either follow who their family goes for, follow a certain player that they like, select a team based on their colors, or (as I was instructed to do by many people) "just look at the team rosters and see which team has the hottest players."

Now, I'm all for watching good-looking guys run around for two hours, but I was also pretty certain that there was bound to be at least one attractive man on each team, so I decided to do a little more research. Plus, I actually like to watch sports games for the GAME. Beautiful people are merely a bonus.

I live in a suburb called Brunswick, and the nearest home team to me is the Carlton Blues. I literally live up the street from their grounds. As they say in our famous baseball song "root, root, root for the home team!" (as per earlier discussions of the word root, I will not be singing any version of this song while in Australia). I was set on buying my Blues scarf.

My friend had different plans. I was instructed that I had to go for her team upon arrival in Melbourne. I "wasn't allowed" to choose my own team. I didn't like the sound of that game very much. I would never make someone be a Philly fan - I would respect their team decision and then proceed to explain how much their team sucks. I'd probably say something like "Oh god, I HATE the Cowboys. Almost as much as I hate the GIANTS. We're so going to kill you. I can't believe you actually LIKE that team. My Eagles are going to kick your ass on Sunday. Fly Eagles Fly!" We'd have a fun rivalry and when I lost I'd probably pout and have a beer and ignore my calls for a day or so.

However, after humoring her for a game, I understood why she didn't want me to be supporter of any other team. She is a die-hard Demons fan. Yes, the wooden spoon of the league. The team that is dead last. The team that cannot hold onto the damn ball for the life of them. I give her credit for sticking with her team even in times of awful play, as I would do the same thing (and have - before this past October, I had never seen a Philly team win a championship... no one had for 25 years). After a painful game at the G, I decided to go and buy a footy scarf to show my support... for the team that I had originally intended to go for.

Plus, I personally think that navy blue and white look great on a girl with dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin. Can't beat that. Go Blues!


Caz said...

haha GO the BLUES!

You obviously picked the right team because yes, we do have the hotest players, but more importantly we're going to be AWESOME this year after a few years of wooden spoonage and the slow climb back up the ladder.

Plus Fev always manages to get himself into hilarious scrapes with the local media which is always entertaining (look up their Mad Monday from 2008.)

You totally picked the best team in the AFL! ;-)

Lindsay McHugh said...

HAHA. On Mad Monday:

"Fev had a foot-long dildo hanging out of his pink muu-muu in full public view outside the bar," said a witness who asked not to be named.

"I saw him hit a couple of girls on the head with it.

"It was a bit off-putting."