Thursday, April 9, 2009

Satisfying my Inner Tourist

I have booked my first official "holiday" of the year! I am heading up to Sydney in May to meet up with a girlfriend who is coming to visit me (invasion of the Yanks). It will be so refreshing to be able to act like a tourist, which is something I usually avoid like the plague. As I mentioned in my last post, it has been a bit frustrating trying to communicate to my friends that I am (unfortunately) not on a year-long vacation. Come May, I will have the chance to take as many obnoxious photos as I like and act a fool because, well, I don't live in Sydney! I am beyond excited, if you couldn't tell.

My agenda so far includes goal #37 - completing the Harbor Bridge climb, catching up with some more friends from my Contiki tour, a Bondi rendez-vous with Daisy (I hope!), and a meander around Kings Cross (I missed out on the Red Light District in Amsterdam, so this will have to do).

Anyone have any suggestions for what to see or do in Sydney?

Also, I need some inspiration for post for a rainy day:
What do you want to know about life in Australia?


Valérie said...

see a kangaroo?
I've never been to Australia but it's one of the firt thing i'd like to do :)

Natalie said...

pleaaase do the Bridge Climb. it's essential.