Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Traveling v. Moving

I have the feeling that most of my friends think that my journey "Down Under" is just a repeat of my European travels. To their dismay, the pub crawls with strangers have been lacking, the new friends from around the world aren't as plentiful, and every day is not filled with new experiences. Traveling by yourself to a new part of the world and moving there are two wholly unique experiences - especially when you are not moving for a job or school or something that puts you into a network.

Traveling alone is an adventure. A constant adventure. Your accomodation fosters interaction, especially in backpacking and hostel environments. The people that you are surrounded by are, for the most part, in a similar situation as you. Everything is fun! and new! and over the top! and deserving of an exclamation point!

Moving is static. Moving somewhere new is not all fun and games. It forces you to put yourself out there and trust people who you don't really know well enough to trust. You have to push yourself to your limits and step outside of your comfort zone. It gets lonely. It gets boring. It fosters freak-outs instead of interaction.

I'm not saying that I'm unhappy with my decision to move or that I'm thinking of coming home anytime before my visa is up (that would happen over my dead body). What I am saying is that the perception that I'm sitting on the beach with a drink in my hand being fed grapes by tanned men is getting old because that is just so far from the case.

I'm managing.


Caz said...

I hear ya! Everyone is shocked that I haven't travelled all over Australia yet, or been to whichever specific place they themselves have visited.

I'm like "I LIVE here. I go to um, WORK? and pay RENT, and don't have billions of spare dollars (or time!) lying around to galivant across the country." But they still don't get it.

dsduffy said...

Great post. Even though I came here with my husband (partner!) and my 2 kids, I still feel out of my comfort zone and like I just have to make myself be outgoing. I never travelled on my own before, now that I have done this though, I would love to give it a try! It is so true though, we are just living day-to-day life, not on an eternal vacation (holiday!)

nicoleantoinette said...

Short and poignant. Great post, seriously.

Valérie said...

Even though it can be tough sometimes, it's really something i'd like to do. I think it's the best experience to find and strenghten yourself