Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Blackout Blogger

I've been toying with moving this blog over to Wordpress. Certain features are attractive, and I feel like I could do more with it. As I was searching through the username availability, I hit a roadblock: my e-mail address was already being used! ...Wait, what?

After some investigative work, I remembered that I had started a blog last year (and did not manage to keep up with it whatsoever). What was more interesting to me was the topic: relocation. It's clear that my desire to move on from Philadelphia is not a new idea.

From the inaugural post:

I am a Philadelphian, born-and-raised. I am fond of (and simultaneously disgusted by) our sports fan reputation (and yes, I admit that I participate in perpetuating the stereotype at times). I am well-versed in the city's wide variety of food offerings in all types of cuisine. I love the city and always will, but I need to get out. I am in dire need of a new experience, and the best way that I can think of to do this is to move out of town into a completely unknown place.

It appears that even in forgetting the mission of my last blog, I've been able to hold true to what I wanted (and needed) most. A new start.

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Daisy said...

LOL - that sounds like something I would do. And as far as moving away - I think it's just something we feel in our hearts and it never goes away until we do something about it. How exciting that you're going to make your hope/goal a reality!