Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Beer + Greek Salads = A year in Oz

The more people that I tell about my move abroad, the more times I hear the question "Where did that come from?" ...I'll tell you exactly where and when I decided to get a visa.

It was a perfect, sunny day in Santorini, Greece. It was mid-September: the temperature had the heat of summer, but the island was without the hoards of tourists that accompany peak season. I was sitting at a cafe along Perissa Beach with my friend, Tricia. We were enjoying our usual split: a greek salad and a tuna baguette. Oh, and let's not forget the Mythos. We were talking about how unprepared we were to leave Greece... I mean, who wants to leave a beach vacation? I expressed my ambivalence toward, well, everything at home. I had just graduated and had decided not to renew the lease on my perfect downtown apartment. I had no ties to anywhere, and although it was liberating, it also meant that I had to make some decision about what I wanted to do upon arriving home. That's when Tricia decided to tell me about how she lived in Australia for a year under Canada's Working Holiday Visa. She suggested that I look into the USA's agreement as we finished up our lunch. I have never turned back.

42 days!

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Deutlich said...

I want to visit Greece VERY badly.