Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tweet Me Up, Scotty!

Tonight I had my first glimpse at how Twitter works. I signed up after much hesitation and confusion simply because I didn't get it. I mean, a website that consists solely of Facebook-style status updates? What is the point?

My primary intention in joining was to learn about how Twitter is used professionally. Exploring social media platforms and their role in the future of the field of communications is one of my personal goals for the next year. When I first joined Twitter, I used the search feature to find relevant "Tweeters" and have been following along (and interacting with) their feeds in an attempt to form relationships. Until I participated this evening in my first #Journchat, I hadn't seen the evidence of an active conversation. I'm sure that's because I wasn't connected to many people, but my efforts to reach out had been, for the majority, ignored. By participating in this discussion between public relations professionals, journalists, bloggers, and freelancers, I have not only found a group of people to interact with on Twitter, but I have also found a tool that I can (and will) use to keep myself educated about industry practices, which is essential since I'm no longer in school.

For those in the communications field, I encourage you to check it out next Monday!


nicoleantoinette said...

Yep, love Twitter!

Daisy said...

I haven't joined the twitter thing yet ... probably should!

Amanda Walsh said...

Thats great Linds! I love Twitter and I already startd to follow #Journchat for next week. Gotta figure out the time difference though!

Miss you and check your email! x

Lindsay McHugh said...

Definitely check out Twitter. It may take some getting used to, but it's a neat resource.

There were definitely some participants that were abroad in this week's #Journchat, although it did seem to keep them up kind of late. The #Journchat website though does have weekly recaps if it does get too late (the site in located on their twitter page).

Thank you so much for that e-mail! I've been freaking out about housing a la our post-capstone freak outs. So many updates for you, so watch your inbox!