Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Best Job (For Me) in the World

By now, I'm sure that most of you have heard of the self-proclaimed Best Job in the World. If not, check out the website (don't be surprised if you can't get on at first - the server has crashed a few times due to volume). Here's the basic summary: live on Hamilton Island (the largest island in the Great Barrier Reef) for six months, free accomodation, for a salary of $150,000 AUD... which is about $100,000 US. The job part? Oh, you know, snorkel, explore the islands, and blog about it. Genius marketing campaign by Queensland.

I know that there will be millions upon millions of applicants, but think about how many are not qualified. Who wouldn't want the chance to live over the Great Barrier Reef? The thing is, I actually am qualified. This is exactly what I wanted to do with part of my time abroad. The selection committee is searching for an individual with "enthusiasm for the role, entertainment value (personality and creativity), presentation skills (being media-friendly), and at least one year's relevant experience."

Let's see... I'm a scuba diver, PR graduate, travel junkie, blogger, social media user, adventure seeker... and I already have a visa!

In addition to a formal application (name, age, etc.) they are requiring a 60 second video application. They want you to show your personality and your knowledge about the Great Barrier Reef region. What I'm asking for is this: what do you think would make a good application video? I'm talking format, location, content... any suggestion is welcomed. I was mulling over the idea and figured what better way to get audience support than to ask my audience what they'd want to see?

I appreciate your help with this!


Anonymous said...

I think you should do all these things:

"scuba diver, PR graduate, travel junkie, blogger, social media user, adventure seeker"

at once on the video app :)

Daisy said...

Ooh - are you going to post the video on your blog? I'd love to see it!

I'd suggest something edgy - lots of personality - funky music and a great editing job. Windows Movie Maker is easy to use if you have that ... but the more creativity you show in your 60 seconds - the more they will remember you. :) Good luck!